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PERFECT. I agree. Now I kind-of like the idea of James and Snape being best bros…

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Harry Potter Opinions: The Marauders

I had an epiphany after this secret was posted. True, the Marauders aren’t the greatest people: they were arrogant and they acted big. But I think people overlook the fact that JK Rowling always emphasized the fact that “It is our choices that make us who we are.” The Marauders (at least James, Sirius and Remus) grew-up and they fought against Voldemort. They knew what to stand-up for. Even when they were in school the mature part of them, however little, showed the principles that they stand up for. 

In life folks, it is always what you choose to leave behind. Your bitterness, your past, your regrets leave them and make something of your life. Fight for something. That’s what they did. 

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The first time Sirius Black and James Potter fought was during their fifth year in Hogwarts, after a particularly horrible prank had gone wrong and almost resulted in the death of one of their school mates. James punched Sirius on the jaw. It was hard and good, that punch. It knocked him over. It hurt. 

It hurt in places where Sirius has never been really hurt in before.

“Bloody HELL, Prongs,” he yelled at James. “I said I was sorry. And Snivellus is still alive isn’t he? Dumbledore told you that it was considered an accident, he really shouldn’t have been down there anyways…so it should all be well.”

“ALL BE WELL?” roared James. He seized a fistful of Sirius’ robes and dragged him to the door of the Hospital Wing, where both boys got a good view of another boy convulsing from head to foot, his thin torso covered in small cuts. It was Remus. They found him and transferred him to the wing after the full moon had waned. He nearly destroyed the shack. It was his most horrible transformation to date.

“Look at Remus, Sirius. Just look at him.” James continued, not bothering to use their nicknames anymore. With much effort he added, “And tell me how everything is going well for him.”

Sirius stared. A new wave of pain coursed through Remus and he screamed a scream that almost tore out his lungs and the hearts of those who stood next to him. James looked away. Sirius still stared. A long and hard stare until his vision clouded and something wet trickled down his cheek.”I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I’m really sorry.”

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